Pole Classes

Pole Classes

Our pole dance classes are run in levels ability. This is to allow us to teach all our students at the right level.

Level 1 Beginners

You’re getting your new addiction started!
You will learn correct grip techniques and some basic moves to start building your strength and help you feel confident lifting yourself off the floor and moving around the pole.
You will work on a static pole.

Level 2 Beginners

You should now have an understanding of basic grips, and feel confident moving around and starting to climb the pole.
We’ll build on what you covered in beginners and add more grips, moves, climbs.

Level 3 Preparation for intermediate level

You’re starting to feel strong and confident now so be prepared to start going up side down and add some trickier moves and spins.

Level 4 Intermediate

You’ll be upside down a lot more from here on in and with the strength and technique you’ve gained the combos will start to get longer and more involved.

Level 5 Advance

This is our highest level pole class.
From revisiting basic technique and covering ‘old’ moves, to new tricks, splits, flips, tumbles, elbow grips, static pole, spin combos, conditioning and transitions.
You must be able to aerial invert both sides and shoulder mount and as well being strong in all foundation spins, grips and leg holds.
We offer modifications and variations to suit individuals but you need be sure you have very strong foundations.

Flexibility for all levels

Being flexible makes pole so much easier in many ways. This stretch class works on your body for positions we use in pole. Stretch your legs, hips, backs, shoulders, arms…. pretty much everything!
We will utilise resistance bands and partner stretching and muscle release techniques.

6 week Beginners pole course ( Friday/Saturday/ Sunday

This is a 6 Week introduction beginner course to show you what the world of pole has to offer. You will learn a number of tricks, spins and transitions. You will builds strength, stamina and gain in confidence. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion identifying the syllabus covered. Class sizes will be kept small to allow for more one on one time with our highly experienced and friendly instructors.

Pole flow (for all levels )

In this class we’ll focus on creating beautiful lines and smooth movements transitioning in and out of our twirls, climbs, and poses. You will learn a slow and sultry choreographed dance routine, meant to seduce your lover, your audience, or yourself. Perfect class for beginners who want to get comfortable moving around the pole, dancing in their heels, and unleashing that dancer within.

Contemporary Pole Choreography ( for all levels )

Contemporary pole flow incorporates the beauty and fluidity of modern dance with the strength and athleticism of pole fitness. Learn unique transitions on and off the pole and how to use your body to tell a story.
Suitable for all levels.

Spinning Pole

Time to take your pole moves to the next level! This class is great for the student that wants to fly in a new direction and add some spin to their technique. We will concentrate on fluid transitions of movement on a spinning pole as well as learning new tricks that translate well while spinning.

Mix Level

Mixed level classes are open for any Beginners level 2 and above level participants to attend. Each individual will be taught different level-appropriate skills and combinations in the class that match their current skill set and progression.
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