In light of the recent changes, we have organized online classes so that you can continue to receive instruction from your beloved teachers.

Monday classes:

🔹12pm Pole hire

🔹13.15pm Private

🔹20.00pm  Online Flexibility (splits)

Tuesday classes :
🔹 8.00pm Online spinning pole level 1,2 and 3.


Wednesday classes :

🔹12.00pm Pole hire
🔹13.15pm Private


Thursday classes:

🔹6.00pm Online Handstands conditioning


Friday classes :

🔹10.00am Online body conditioning all levels
🔹11.00am  Online flexibility for splits ( all levels)
🔹6.00pm Pole hire




Sunday classes with Aneta 

🔹13.30pm Self training
🔹14.45pm Pole hire


Online timetable 


Please keep in mind that all online classes for next week are live on our website and the schedule is updated.


How To Register For A Class:


  1. Sign up for your preferred class on our website.
  2. If you don’t already have an account, create an account with us.
    Make sure your contact email is on file and correct! This is how you will get your unique link to the class you sign up for.
  3.  If you will be using an iPad or smartphone, download the free Zoom app. You MUST preregister on our website or Mindbody and sign in for the class you want to take.
  4.  You’ll get a link from us 2 hours before class starts. Click that link, mute your microphone, and get ready to get moving! You are welcome to keep your camera on. We’d love to see you! Just remember everyone in the class can see you too. (You can always turn off your video too) There is the option also to “chat”. Click on that link and everyone in the class can post messages.


Please check your email ‘spam’ folder in case the Zoom invite doesn’t make it to your inbox.


Please stay safe. We are all looking forward to seeing you online and back in the studio in the not too distant future.


Best Wishes,